Patients Implants & Abutments

Finely Crafted Implant Restorations & Abutments

At the Schell Dental Lab, our implant products are designed for optimal comfort and bone preservation. We focus on achieving a precise fit and excellent material compatibility by using authentic parts and working with various systems. We provide a range of options for dental implant materials, surface finishes, platform switching, and engaging versus non-engaging.

Our abutments are compatible with a wide range of systems including, Astra Tech Atlantis™, Biohorizons®, Biomet 3i™, Nobel Biocare®, Straumann®, Zimmer® and more.


Stock Abutments

Stock Abutments come in different angulations, finishes, and materials and can be used, however they do not take into account patient specific requirements.  We recommend custom abutments in most situations.

Custom Abutments

Custom Abutments today are considered “Best Practice” to ensure tissue levels, emergence profiles and aesthetic demands are all met.  They help control cement cleanup as margins follow tissue profiles, allow for more realistic emergence and easier hygiene.   

Titanium Bases

This is a stock titanium abutment, prefabricated and does not allowing any modifications.  They provide a titanium milled interface and screw seat, and an engineered cement-able interface.  These parts are used in a number of scenarios when the teeth are straight forward and allow for screw access holes.  They provide a seamless workflow and are great options to avoid zirconia connections. These are pre-cemented in the laboratory and are not options for chair side cementation.

Temporary Abutments

Temporary abutments are offered in angled and straight designs. They are fast and simple to modify chair side, however are not for long term use.

The development and management of the soft tissue can be affected by the shape, contour and provisional restoration structure of the temporary abutment, which can determine tissue contours during healing.

Screw Retained Crown/Bridge

Screw retained implants require no cementation.  The benefits include no cement clean up avoiding issues involving irritation to bone and tissue.  Smooth finish lines and faster delivery are also desirable aspects to the screw retained implants.  Access holes need to favorable to avoid design concerns and aesthetics issues.  Crowns can be retrieved allowing for repairs, screw replacement and cleaning with no damage to the crown. Screw-retained crowns are required when the abutment is shorter than 5mm.

Cemented Implant Crown/Bridge

Cement retained implants offer the advantage of no access hole, when the placement of the screw access hole would not be favorable. In most cases, custom abutments are encouraged to control cement lines allowing them to be at realistic depths and providing appropriate retention for the crown.  Abutments tend to look more “prep-like”.

Titanium Abutments

Titanium abutments can be stock abutments or custom designed.  The precision milled interface provides the best fit and strength available and should be used whenever aesthetics allow.  The low specific weight, high strength to weight ratio, elasticity,  high corrosion resistance and excellent general biocompatibility are all key features of titanium abutments.

Zirconia Abutments

A solution for the demand of metal-free products, zirconia abutments ensure no allergic reaction and no danger of corrosion.  In cases where aesthetics are crucial, zirconia abutments provide a non-metallic option to help with the greying of tissue and restorative options for final crowns.  The risks associated with zirconia abutments are long term fracture.

Hybrid Abutments

Zirconia “hybrid” abutments use a titanium base, which makes these abutments  a combination of a zirconia “top” with a  titanium interface and screw seat. The zirconia abutment is cemented to the titanium base at the lab.