Dentures Custom Made for Comfort

With a team of experienced dental technicians on site, Schell Dental is able to provide full service denture work with quality, professional results.

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Complete Dentures

With over 25 years of experience, our denture specialists are able to custom craft and hand make dentures to your needs and specifications. Applying their comprehensive knowledge in the creation and maintenance of dentures, you can sleep easy knowing you’re smile will be taken care of.

Custom Metal Framework

With Schell craftsmanship, we can make a custom metal framework for your denture to give them a more robust and durable feel that will last. Starting with a model of your mouth, we craft the metal framework with wax. This is then moulded and burned out to allow metal to be cast into it. From here, the dentures are built around the framework, which provides a more durable appliance.

Acrylic and Cast Partials

If you only need to replace a few teeth, your dentist may recommend a partial denture. Schell has you covered with both cast metal and full acrylic partial dentures so you can smile, eat, talk and laugh in comfort.

Conversion Dentures

Conversion dentures are a more permanent solution. Using implants the denture is kept in place with screws relieving pressure on the gums and stabilizing the strength of the jaw.

Bar Supported Restorations

Much like conversion dentures, bar supported restorations use implants to seat the denture. To add rigidity and strength to the denture, they connect the implants with a metal bar that the denture sits on top of. There is also the possibility of adding the bar directly into the denture before attaching to the implants.

Denture Repairs

Having issues with your dentures? Schell Dental can repair and fix any problem. Our skilled professionals can repair cracked dentures, missing or broken teeth, broken clasps, and even alter your dentures for any areas that may be causing you problems like sore gums, or jaw aches.  Most denture repairs still require you to visit your dentist first to ensure the correct instructions are passed on to our technicians.  Please note, we are not allowed to work directly in a patient’s mouth, so referring to your dentist first is critical.