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Human Resources for Small Business Roundup

We recently had the pleasure of having Allison Guld Co-Founder of Amui come to the Learning Centre to speak to Dentists and Dental Managers about the changes in Human Resources this past year in British Columbia. Amui Inc. is changing the way organizations interact with HR by providing on-demand access to HR knowledge.  Their easy…

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Scan path? What is that and why is it important?

A scan path is recommended by intraoral scanner manufacturers as they have concluded that it allows for increased accuracy.  The result being a better fitting and more accurate restoration. Study : As a dental lab, we have had situations where dentists have sent scans and the restorations manufactured and received were deemed inaccurate and…

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TRIOS – Bite Info Pack

This document describes how the bite alignment works in TRIOS and outlines some good practices to follow, when making bite scans in TRIOS.  Some common pitfalls are highlighted, and it is shown how to avoid them. Read the full document here TRIOS Bite Info Pack v1.0

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Trios IOS OPTIMAL Bite analysis Workflow

ALL DIGITAL CASES   To optimize your occlusion, please follow this workflow: Following prep, dry quad, have the patient bite down on articulating paper and register the bite. Take the bite scan. Go to ANALYSE page. Click on Clearance, Switch View. Check the bite. Full contact is Blue/Grey and up to .03mm of contact is…

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Top 8 Trios Intraoral Scanner Tips and Tricks

Scanning with an intraoral scanner has its challenges for the first few scans. Understanding its limitations and how to maximize the time you spend scanning to come up with the best result is important. Here are the Top 8 tips and tricks. 1 - Scan in an extremely dry field. The scanner gathers data extremely…

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The Digital Revolution Is Here

Friday October 19, 2018 – 1:30pm – 4:30pm    Generously Co-sponsored by Schell Dental with an unrestricted education grant​           Dr. Steven Ho CDHBC QAP Competency – N/A Alberta Dental Association & College – Approved for CE Digital workflows are possible from Sleep Apnea Appliances to Digital Dentures. Covering topics from 3D printing,…

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What’s New?

Custom Shade Appointments Head to our website and click on BOOK YOUR SHADE APPT., follow the prompts and schedule your custom shade appointments for your patient or direct them to book the appointment themselves. It is quick and easy. Once the appointment is reserved, a confirmation email and map will be sent to the patient…