Patients Crown & Bridge

Custom Crown and Bridge Restorations

Occlusal space, margin design, prep shade, strength and the shade of the adjacent teeth are all considerations that must be taken into account before deciding on which type of restoration to prescribe. The materials used must deliver a seamless fit, strength in function, and a natural integration with adjacent teeth.


At Schell Dental, our range of the highest quality materials are carefully considered when matching needs to materials, and all custom crown and bridge restorations are built for strength,designed for aesthetic and fit for comfort.


Layered E.Max or Zirconia

Layered restorations offer a more natural look and are commonly use in anterior restorations, the front teeth visible when you smile or talk. This is done by creating a cutback restoration in either emax or zirconia. Porcelain can then be layered on to the restoration to add translucency and colour to the tooth making it match the teeth around it and look more natural.

Monolithic E.Max or Zirconia

Monolithic restorations a completely milled out of either emax or zirconia with no cutback for layering porcelain.  These restorations are not layered, but intead are stained to bring out a more natural colour and translucency. These restorations are typically used in the posterior of the mouth for molars and pre molars. Monolithic restoration offer amazing durability and are less likely to crack or shear under load.

Aesthetic Zirconia

Aesthetic zirconia gives properties of both layered and monolithic material. It has a much more natural look to it, while also retaining its structural integrity and strength. This material is used in cases where the tooth is still load bearing and visible. Depending on a patient’s bite this material may be suggested over monolithic or layered.

Porcelain fused to Metal

Porcelain fused to metal or PFM is an older technique that still stands strong. These restorations tend to be more expensive due to the high value of precious metal in them.  These restorations are still used at times for their strength and ability to block out dark or stained preparations.

Full Gold

Like PFMs gold crowns come a few groups based on the percentage of precious metal in them. These restorations are mainly used in posterior teeth, as they cannot be coloured to match existing teeth.  These restorations are extremely durable and will not chip like a porcelain tooth.


Veneers are an aesthetic restoration used when a patient chooses to improve their smile. This can be due to many factors, the most common issues with anterior teeth being chips, gaps, discoloration, or short, worn down teeth. A doctor will start by prepping the tooth by removing a layer of the buccal face or front of the tooth. The lab then makes a thin shell that fits in the removed area. This shell can be coloured to the patient’s liking, and/or enlarged to fill in gaps, cover chips, or extend worn down teeth.