Digital Design


New digital technologies and materials are producing restorative products that are stronger and deliver a finer aesthetic finish.

The combination of these capabilities allows a better restorative performance, better efficiency in the practice, and decreased costs. All of which provide better service and product to our doctors.


With the industry moving into the digital age, software for digital designing is key to staying on top of technology. Schell Dental Ceramics currently uses 3Shape as the main source of of our digital workflow, though there are many other software tools in our office that help keep cases in line and on time.


With 3Shape we are able to take all cases through a digital workflow from scanning to designing and model building. Every case goes through the digital system quickly and efficiently while still maintaining accuracy and quality.

Magic Touch

Magic Touch is our internal system for case management; from digital or phone request we can track the case from arrival, thru production and finally to delivery.  We are able to easily find any case and its current requirements at the touch of a button. Magic Touch also allows us to scan cases with a barcode system to convert our analog work to digital milestones and analytics.


Sum3D is used during the milling step of our workflow and allows us to easily nest restorations into blanks, and calculate tool paths based on burs, materials, and type of restoration.


Similar to Sum3D, Preform is used for 3D printing of models. In 3Shape files are converted to stl then exported to PreForm for printing. In PreForm we can manage print angles, supports and materials along with accuracy and speed.