Schell Mission Statement:

To be industry leaders in quality, reliability and craftsmanship in dental restorations and consultation services. To build and maintain excellent relationships with doctors and provide each patient with the best possible restoration. To achieve these goals, we are constantly learning, evolving and investing in research and development, the latest technologies, and the highest quality materials available.

Who Is Schell Dental?

Brothers Jonathan and Jamie Schell launched Schell Dental Ceramics in 1992; their skill and dedication quickly earned Jon and Jamie the reputation as reliable and consistent providers of fine-tuned aesthetic and fully-functional crown and bridge restorations.

Over the last 20 years, the business has grown and evolved into a state-of-the-art enterprise that delivers the highest quality products and also seeks to lead the industry by investing in an in-house R&D department, and embracing new technology and practices that benefit dentists and their patients.

Leadership plays an integral role in the function and success of any business, and at Schell Dental, Jon and Jamie have a loyal and dedicated team who uphold their values of integrity in service and dedication to quality craftsmanship. By working with a team that shares their goals and values, they have built a clientele of highly respected dentists, and their work has also captured the attention of professionals south of the border.

Dr. John J Derango DDS, FAGD, FAACD, Kois Center clinical instructor, Chicago, Illinois.

“As a Fellow in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, I depend on my partnership with our dental laboratory colleagues for consistent, exceptionally aesthetic and functional outcomes. Beautiful dentistry is not enough, we need it to last and function properly. As a Kois Center clinical instructor, it is great to partner with people who understand the functional principles and work with the Panadent and Kois face analyzer. Jonathan and Jamie’s thorough knowledge of materials and understanding of functional designs combined with their great talent in aesthetic dentistry ensure that we are always on the same page. They always deliver more than expected.”