Dentures & Cast Partials

Form, Fit and Full Function Removeables

At Schell Dental, we are committed to ensuring our dentures look natural and function properly. We take great care to match and set teeth in alignment with the patients’ sex, age and appearance.


Complete Dentures

All dentures are handcrafted to provide maximum comfort and a secure fit. We customize the highest quality dentures available and provide a vast range of shades and varying levels of translucency to ensure a natural appearance. The dentures are crafted with detailed gum texture to work seamlessly with your natural anatomy. We use high grade materials that are lightweight and low impact, high strength, and wear resistant.

Custom Metal Framework

Our custom cast metal framework is thin, strong, and lightweight. We can also customize titanium frameworks that are completely biocompatible and provide excellent corrosion resistance. Titanium frameworks  are done on request.

Acrylic, Flexible, and Cast Partials

Our cast partials are made with strong, lightweight alloys. Metal cast partials last longer and provide a more accurate clasp to tooth fit.  Acrylic partials are easy to adjust and additional teeth and clasps can be added as needed.  Damaged, broken, or lost components can be easily repaired on either type of appliance.

Denture Conversions

Converting removeable dentures into a fixed provisional prosthesis provides a more permanent solution to the traditional dentures.

Bar Supported Restorations

Our technicians are highly skilled in bar design, injection processing, and finishing techniques for a variety of bar styles.

CAD/CAM-milled bars include the more popular screw-retained hybrid (SRH) denture over a titanium milled bar.

For screw-retained hybrid prosthesis, there are a variety of design styles; for example, the wrap around Montreal and hybrid design.  The hybrid design has quickly become the most popular due to the increased strength and retention for the denture teeth.

Denture Repairs

We provide a full range of denture repair services including denture reline, denture rebase, duplications, and adjustments.