Dental Milling Tools

They say a craftsman is only as good as his tools – we get that. That’s why we research and invest in robust precision-based technology that allows us to  deliver the products we are proud of, and doctors rely on to deliver consistent results.


Starting with the Jensen as our first in-lab mill, Schell has expanded to having a dedicated mill room containing a range of different mills to suite any case requirement. We currently utilize the imes icore 450i, Roland DWX-51D, Jensen M200, and Ivoclar’s Wieland mill.

Imes-Icore 450i

Schell currently has two of these mills, and between them there is no material they can’t handle. With the largest footprint of our mills, they can take cases of all sizes, any material and mill them in any required conditions.

Roland DWX-51D

Roland can handle any zirconia, PMMA, or wax we throw at it. With modern strategies, it is able to complete the most complicated restorations effectively and on time.


Our Jensen mill has a small footprint and simple software, making it the go-to mill for any technician needing to get a restoration out quickly.

Wieland Zenotec Select Hybrid

With a built in disc-changer, our Wieland mill is able to wet mill e.max 24 hours per day making it the workhorse of our glass ceramic production.