What are Resins

With 3D printing quickly becoming more popular in more fields, common use in the dental industry is not far off. Currently we offer surgical guides in resin, though as more resins are certified in Canada we will slowly begin to introduce more and more of them. We look forward to offering 3D printed night guards, temporary restorations, deprogrammers, and more.


Formlabs Dental SG

The Dental SG resin used is a UV curing resin. Once printed the appliance comes out of the printer with a translucent yellow colour. From here we clean and sanitize the surgical guide with isopropyl alcohol, then give is a final cure and sterilization under UV light and heat. This turns the guide a clear orange colour and it is ready to go to the dentist. The dentist will then run it through their autoclave for additional sterilization and the final piece will come out almost completely clear.