Schell Dental recently presented to the 2018 graduating class of Dental Assistants. The goal was to expose this bright and enthusiastic group of 19 to the burgeoning world of digital technology, CAD/CAM tools and the significant impact and career opportunities this represents.

Opening remarks by Schell Dental’s CEO, highlighted the wonderful timing of entering the dental workforce, especially as it moves from the formative adoption of a digital environment to a wholly integrated digital workflow. He was passionate about the potential their generation represented as early adopters, and a key part of any practices desire to be leading edge as a team and with their ‘patients/consumers’.

Beans & Pearls

“Find a practice culture, which values knowledge, mentoring and the pursuit of wisdom (pearls) vs. a culture, which is driven by chasing money (beans)”.

This set the stage for the Chris Kopas, Schell Dental’s Digital Strategy & implementation expert to lay down her pearls of ‘digital wisdom’.

The CAD/Cam Tsunami

Chris outlined the global trends of CAD/CAM technology and growing penetration of the dental practice and laboratory world. Her comparative and engaging outline of how a wholly digital workflow was radically different from traditional processes, was greeted with open eyes, and a quick grasp of how a digital approach represents a myriad of benefits regarding diagnostic options, accuracy, speed, deeper planning and treatment capabilities, patient comfort, environmental integrity, and data capture.

An Impression that Truly Impresses

Using an intraoral scanner, Chris personally displayed how the device provided a multi-dimensional, full colour profile of the entire oral anatomy, the extended observational opportunities and ability to engage the patient with a real time, visual examination, while in the chair.

The demonstration was a powerful illustration of the new windows of patient diagnostics, planning and treatment that are opening up.

Her nuanced references to the most basic workflow realities, frustrations and possibilities were based on adding true value and tools for the CDA’s as they begin their journey and attempt to prove their worth and ability to contribute to the practice and the patient.

The number of intelligent questions from the floor, were evidence that their training and schooling to date has provided a solid foundation for the next ‘real life’ engagement with doctors, patients and team members.

Chris was quick to notice their curiosity and appetite for knowledge by inviting the class to attend Schell Dental’s – Dental Team & Technology Study Club, a growing, knowledge sharing series of relevant topics and areas of interest to dental teams.

The next session will be May 17th, 5:30 pm at The Kelowna Yacht Club (yes. Dentistry can be Fun!). The topic will be CAD/CAM Milling Materials & Shade Taking – presented by Vita

The power of this information sharing was graciously acknowledged by the Professors of the Okanagan College CDA program, who invited Schell Dental to become part of the course curriculum, starting next year.

As part of Schell Dental’s Innovation Centre and commitment to providing the industry with leading edge knowledge and insights, the invitation was proudly accepted.

Thanks to Okangan College and our heartfelt best wishes to all the students we had the privilege to meet and share our ideas with.