We want to thank Morla and Rick from Patterson Dental for their amazing presentation to a packed room in the Schell Learning Centre June 19th.  Wendy from Patterson filled the room with eager Omnicam users and clients interested in seeing the latest scanner from Dentsply,  the Primescan.

The Primescan IOS has a Field of View of 20mm deep.  The scan tip is a bit larger but gathers data extremely fast.  Scanning an upper arch in under 30 seconds.  The scanner scans in color and has a touchscreen and touch pad mouse for easy maintenance.  The price is $60,000.00 with no monthly or yearly licence fees.

Omnicam Tips and Tricks included information on everything from scan path to ortho scanning. For a summary of tips and tricks, contact Wendy from Patterson for video links.

Keep an eye on our website at www.schelldental.ca/events for upcoming opportunities to learn more about digital dentistry.