What is Zirconia?

Zirconia discs are a compressed metal powder that once sintered become incredibly strong. It is similar to the material used in making synthetic diamonds. Though not as transluscent as ceramic, it is very strong and makes for perfect load bearing posterior restorations. This material is stainable to obtain a perfect match to existing teeth and can even be layered with ceramic to give it that more natural look.


Standard 3D

This is our most common zirconia, it has a mid to high range strength with mid range translucency. This product is not prestained, so we are able to add in multiple stains to bring the tooth to a more lifelike finish.

High Translucency

This zirconia is used more often in anterior restorations as its translucency combined with proper post mill staining allows for a brilliantly natural restoration.


Prestained discs are used more often when we plan on layering in the post processing stages. This allows us to skip the initial staining step and complete the restoration in a more timely manner.

Ultra Hard

Ultra hard is a more opaque zirconia that is extremely hard and great for posterior load bearing restorations.