In a digital workflow for restorations, as dental technicians, we work directly on the scan from the patient. We rely 100% on the data provided and if the data provided is corrupted due to improper scan technique or interference during occlusal registration, we are unable to complete an accurate restoration based on that inaccurate data.

One of the tools all intraoral scanner developers have added to a scan prescription, is the PRE-PREP scan.

The PRE-PREP scan records the exact tooth structure prior to preparing the tooth. The data we can gather from that PRE-PREP impression is invaluable to completing a restoration accurately and in a timely manner.

As you can see from this impression for two crowns, the bite seems off. There is just not enough data to gather the info appropriate to design crowns with the correct occlusion. There seems to be only two teeth in occlusion, which would be very challenging to design a restoration.

However, as seen in this image of the PRE-PREP scan, the information from the teeth prior to prepping is so valuable. We can see that the teeth come together properly, we can see the wear facets, cracks, the previous shape of the tooth and so many details that allow us to create an excellent restoration.

We can also see the wear and breakage on the teeth in the entire arch, which allows us to design the restorations occlusion, with this data in mind

If you have any questions as to how to add a PRE-PREP scan to your current restorative IOS workflow, use LAB CHAT at or or text our Digital Implementation Specialist Christien Kopas at 778-215-4575.