Covid-19 Information

20 May 2020


Schell Dental has conducted a comprehensive review of our standard workflow protocols and the steps required to deal with the increased need to provide absolute best practices to ensure the safety of our team, your team and ultimately the patients themselves.

At the heart of our evolution has been our investments in and commitment to the technology advances we have all witnessed in our industry. The digital workflow beta testing, data capture and enhanced communications are now going to represent our day to day platform.  Not only are the digital processes proving to be as reliable as traditional analog processes but the convenience, comfort factor and increased safety for patients is resulting in improved outcomes and more efficient workflows for doctors and their teams.

The post COVID-19 impact is going to accelerate the need to eliminate as many labour-intensive procedures as possible. As many of you know we have dedicated specific resources and digital technology expertise to educate, train and support our clients as they assess their own workflow capabilities. We continue to invite you to take advantage of our learning centre programs, individual training (online) and other support tools to help you transition going forward.

Prior to the pandemic our laboratory followed strict guidelines for disinfection and safety above and beyond those required by governing bodies. The safety of our staff, our Doctors, their team and their patients are our utmost concern while maintaining the highest level of quality in our products. We have enhanced our protocols and will be sending detailed information on the new processes and safety precautions in a separate correspondence.

Some of these changes include mandatory prescription submissions for all cases via the Portal, changes in our case pick up and delivery protocols and the announcement of our fully digital workflow, NUTOOTH, for posterior FCZ crowns.

We would like to thank you in advance for complying with our new protocols.  We believe by embracing the new reality together we will create innovative opportunities, increase workflow capabilities and promote positive patient treatment experiences.

We are proud to have maintained strong relationships with our dentist partners, suppliers and distributers and we look forward to supporting you as you transition back in your practices.

Please do not hesitate to call or email of you have any questions. See you soon!

Jamie and Jonathan Schell Schell Dental Ceramics, Ltd.


Case Submission

To begin the shift to the new normal, we are implementing effective immediately a mandatory digital submission process. Utilizing our portal to submit prescriptions will eliminate the cumbersome, paper-based prescription process, which has unnecessary human contact risk and is less accurate than an online format.

The Prescription Portal is intuitive, easy to use and provides greater access, more accurate communications with the lab, and reduced turnaround times for you and your patients. Some of the benefits:

  • Online scheduling enters your cases into the production queue before the case even arrives at the lab
  • Online booking ensures accurate case entry for each patient
  • Request your case pickups online to save precious time in your busy day
  • Case status can be tracked online, helping anticipate delivery to assist with your scheduling challenges
  • Through the portal, files can be attached during case entry or at anytime during production.  STL or CBCT files, photos, doctor notes – all can be submitted and added to a case at any point.
  • Invoices and statements can be accessed and reprinted as needed and payments can be processed online, saving time for office administrators

Your cases, once submitted, will automatically be given a case number. The case number and Doctor name will need to be written on the outside of the bag with an indelible marker.

IF YOU ARE SENDING DIGITAL IMPRESSIONS (IOS Scans): Submitting cases via the Portal is mandatory as well.  Once you have sent the case digitally, you must submit the case via the Portal as well. **** No need for case notes in the portal, if they are already submitted via your intraoral scanner.

To assist you in transitioning to a paperless prescription process, you can access a short video on our website,, or view the pdf file with step-by-step directions.  For further assistance, we are happy to assist you over the phone.

PDF Document.

Your log in at – Submit RX.

Your clinic username is in the email that included this attachment.  If you do not know your password please click the ‘Forgot Password’ button to reset it.  If you experience any troubles, please call the lab at (250) 861-3333 for assistance.

Many of you are already experiencing NUTOOTH, our end-to-end digital workflow, and have seen the benefits of faster turn around times, lower re-makes and enhanced patient convenience.

Check it out here.

Nutooth was launched just prior to the pandemic and has been in Beta for many months. Accessible only to those utilizing Intraoral Scanners, Nutooth is a completely modeless workflow for posterior monolithic FCZ crowns. The crowns have a three day turn around time, are environmentally packaged and are cost effective.  

Should you be interested in transitioning from conventional impressions to digital, schedule a time to speak with Chris Kopas, our Digital Implementation Specialist, to discuss your options and discover which scanner would be best for your workflow, team and ROI. Call 778-215-4575 or email