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Nutooth – a Dental Administrators dream!

How is it that a modeless crown can make a dental administrator’s day better? The nutooth workflow challenges the status quo allowing for benefits never experienced before by offering next day delivery. Patients temp broke – with nutooth, your cases are shipped out by 2pm the next business day. If your patients temp broke, the…

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COVID-19 – Unintended Consequences & Opportunities

Happy New Year! Two years ago, the CDA board commissioned a major study on the future of dentistry (Canadian Dentistry - 2032. It measured the current reality (2018) and then reached out 20 years, urging the industry to recognize both threats and opportunities articulated within four ‘Vision Statements’. Then March 2020. Ironically, the pandemic rendered…

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Canadian Dentistry – 2032

Background In 2016, the Canadian Dental Association Board of Directors commissioned an independent National Advisory Task Force to – “consider changes that will affect our profession and indeed society as a whole in the coming 15 years”. The chair of the committee, Dr. Alastair Nicoll, referred to it as “a call to action for the…