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Bellus3D Face Mask Frames – UPDATE

Following the COVID 19 Pandemic, the use and acquisition of PPE in dentistry has become extremely urgent. The ability of dental professionals to obtain N95 masks has been challenging, causing delays in opening their practices and assisting patients in desperate need. During the COVID 19 shut down, the innovative team at Bellus3D began work with…

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TRIOS – Bite Info Pack

This document describes how the bite alignment works in TRIOS and outlines some good practices to follow, when making bite scans in TRIOS.  Some common pitfalls are highlighted, and it is shown how to avoid them. Read the full document here TRIOS Bite Info Pack v1.0

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Intraoral Scanners—Saving the Earth, One Impression at a Time

Doctors are always looking for ways to save—save teeth, save patients time, save money. What about saving the environment? Without even realizing it, dentistry has a huge impact in the Earth: developing film requires toxic chemicals and fixers, paper charting can use up to 10,000 pieces of paper a year. The overarching solution is to…

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Instant Lab Chat

If you have been on our Schell Dental Website you may have noticed a Chat feature on the lower right side of the screen. This feature allows you to connect immediately with all of our dental experts while your patient may still be in the chair or at the front desk. Once you open the…