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Dental Team and Technology Study Club

Response has been very strong to our Study Club and while we thought a women’s focus was a logical starting point, interest in our program knows no gender boundaries, so all dental professionals, come, one and all. The study club began to allow dental team, a huge majority of them being women,  to attend an…

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What you should know about purchasing a scanner

At Schell Dental we take pride in the work we have done to advance the transformation from an analogue world to a digital realm. That is why we have begun a Dental Women and Technology Study Club for dental teams to learn about new processes, social media and dental materials. We have launched a LAB…

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Dental Women and Technology Study Club

Dental Women and Technology is a monthly social and knowledge sharing event focused on empowering Dental Support Team with information on digital technology, 3D printing, team building and navigating social media. The first event was January 18 and was held at Sandhill Winery in the Barrel Room. An exceptional venue with wine and appetizers and…

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Dental Remake Lessons

In Pursuit of Zero Remakes The ‘dreaded’ re-make. The impact of remakes extends much further than time, costs and inconvenience. It has the potential to erode the confidence and trust in the dentist-lab relationship. The mutual reputations of both are compromised when the patient does not receive the desired quality outcome, incurs additional waiting time…

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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement & Culture – The Path to Greater Results & Profitability In a previous life (career), I was the President of a large marketing & communications firm, including a national consulting practice, which specialized in helping CEO’s and leadership teams produce enhanced business results through strategic alignment, workflow productivity, employee culture, customer loyalty and…

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Choosing or Evaluating your Dental Lab

In Search of an Added Value Lab Partner – The ‘Brands behind the Brand’ The traditional dentist/lab relationship is shifting. There are more historic precedents than we could count, where traditional ‘client/supplier’ relationships and supply chain dynamics have been disrupted, or re-defined. From a dental practice or lab perspective the past holds many clues to…