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‘Don’t Throw it Away’

Imagine that every employee who leaves due to a level of low job satisfaction (lack of opportunities, low recognition, toxic culture), walks out the door on their last day and drops the equivalent of six months of their annual salary into a waste basket…  It’s your money, your cost, your profitability. Hard to swallow? Well,…

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My Journey as a C.D.A. into the World of Digital Impressions

As a CDA , I would like to share my experience with you of how my lab introduced me to the world of Digital Impression Systems and supported me through to a completely modeless digital workflow. Impressions are an important part of the skills learned in school. Conventional impressions with PVS and pouring them up…

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COVID-19 – Unintended Consequences & Opportunities

Happy New Year! Two years ago, the CDA board commissioned a major study on the future of dentistry (Canadian Dentistry - 2032. It measured the current reality (2018) and then reached out 20 years, urging the industry to recognize both threats and opportunities articulated within four ‘Vision Statements’. Then March 2020. Ironically, the pandemic rendered…

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Digital PRE-PREP Impressions – WHY?

In a digital workflow for restorations, as dental technicians, we work directly on the scan from the patient. We rely 100% on the data provided and if the data provided is corrupted due to improper scan technique or interference during occlusal registration, we are unable to complete an accurate restoration based on that inaccurate data.…

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A Dentist Sees More Cracked Teeth. What’s Going On?

When I reopened my dental practice in early June, the tooth fractures started coming in: at least one a day, every single day that I’ve been in the office. By Tammy Chen, D.D.S. Published Sept. 8, 2020 Updated Sept. 11, 2020 - Posted from: The New York Times. “How’s your dental practice?” a friend of mine asked, brow…

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Bellus3D Face Mask Frames – UPDATE

Following the COVID 19 Pandemic, the use and acquisition of PPE in dentistry has become extremely urgent. The ability of dental professionals to obtain N95 masks has been challenging, causing delays in opening their practices and assisting patients in desperate need. During the COVID 19 shut down, the innovative team at Bellus3D began work with…

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Shade Selection

Tooth shade determination should be done before preparation, since after preparation the tooth shade appears lighter due to dehydration.IF the patient has been whitening their teeth, shade must be taken 2 weeks after their last whitening treatment.Patient should be viewed at eye level so that the most color sensitive part of the retina will be…

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OFF THE BENCH with Jamie Schell: A Lab Perspective on Tooth Reductions

Over the years we have seen prep design and the approach to tooth reduction change.  With the rise of full contour zirconia, this has resulted in both benefits and challenges. Zirconia popularity is driven by the fact that it is extremely strong and allows for a more cost-effective restorative option. The offsetting challenges are insufficient…

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Digital Impression Training

The Digital Implementation Specialist at Schell Dental Ceramics Learning Centre and Operatory, Christien Kopas , is a trainer for multiple Intraoral scanning systems. She offers 4-hour training sessions periodically at the Learning Centre on the following systems. Keep an eye on our Events page for upcoming events. If you are interested in becoming a part…