Following the COVID 19 Pandemic, the use and acquisition of PPE in dentistry has become extremely urgent. The ability of dental professionals to obtain N95 masks has been challenging, causing delays in opening their practices and assisting patients in desperate need.

During the COVID 19 shut down, the innovative team at Bellus3D began work with Loma Linda University School of Dentistry to assist them with alleviating the mask shortage. This included experimentation of the readily available Level 1, 2 and 3 ( and surgical ) masks with augmentation of an improved seal designed by over-fitting the custom facial frames printed from 3D facial scans acquired by the Bellus3D Dental Pro app for the Apple iPad Pro, iPhone 10 and 11.

Multiple departments in the university came together to evaluate mask fit using the Bellus3D scanned facial frames and their measurement tests revealed these mask frames enhanced the fit of the Level 1,2 and 3 masks.

During COVID 19, the team at Bellus3D provided the face scan and STL of the custom made mask frames to all for no charge.

After a period of research into the safest methods to assist their dental practices with the PPE shortage, Schell Dental Ceramics chose to use the Bellus3D technology to produce the mask frames for our clients. Almost immediately we began receiving requests from our dental clients and our 3D printers have been working non-stop daily to fill the requests. Dentists and their teams are successfully and safely operating using the 3D printed mask frames. Some have had them fit tested by local Occupational Health Therapists to evaluate the fit in comparison to an N95 mask and they have met the standards.

Now, Bellus3D has announced that the National Institute of Health          (NIH) has passed mask frames as appropriate for clinical use. “Bellus3D’s Face Mask Fitter is a plastic frame that helps to improve the seal with surgical masks or similar face masks. It is made using a Bellus3D face scan (created with the Bellus3D FaceApp) and a 3D printer to precisely fit a person’s facial geometry.” Though the service is no longer gratis, it only charges a nominal fee.

Click here for the post :  Bellus3D Mask Fitter as appropriate for clinical use

Schell Dental Ceramics is so proud to assist in supporting this amazing service for their clients.

Contact the lab for information as to how to use the Bellus3D app.