Meet the Team

Our Team – Dental Lab Professionals

The Schell Dental Team is a diverse and carefully selected group of dental specialists, dental support personnel, and business experts who provide our clients with a full range of services to help their practice and their patients thrive.


Jonathan & Jamie are the founders of Schell Dental Ceramics. Their vision, craftsmanship, innovative spirit and dental IQ, has led to a well-established, unique and highly-respected oral health enterprise.


Jonathan Schell (RDT)

Jamie Schell (RDT)

Business Management

In addition to the core business of building high quality restorations, Schell Dental recognizes the value of running the business operation based on leading-edge business practices, technology and employee productivity. Our goal is to support our dentists’ businesses and their patient’s needs.


Mark Pigott (CEO)

Laura Wood (Controller, CPA, CA)

Chris Kopas, (Customer Relations Management Officer)

Tania Keeler (Client Relationship Manager)

Dental Technicians

Schell Dental employees represent a group of highly trained and skilled technicians who have individual specialized skill sets and cross discipline capabilities. At Schell Dental, our high performance culture is anchored by a commitment to highly engaged employees, strong training programs, team collaboration and accountability for quality solutions and outcomes.


Artur, Denis, Eric, Guillaume, Jae, Jakob, Levi, Louise, Pamela, Peter, Richard, Rose, Taylor, Violetta

Technologists & IT Specialists

Schell Dental has a 25 year history of adapting and applying the most advanced and proven restoration approaches, technology and patient-driven outcomes. Our lab is the recipient of industry-based innovations, as well as our own R&D initiatives.

Our technology & IT resources and capabilities are deep and afford us the ability to provide leading-edge workflow and treatment solutions, while maintaining our traditional craftsmanship ethic and case management quality.